Concorrente australiana da Eurovisão sofre com grave infeção após usar saltos altos

A concorrente do Festival da Eurovisão esteve hospitalizada devido a uma grave infeção no pé que surgiu de uma bolha.
10 de maio de 2019 às 14:53
Concorrente australiana na Eurovisão sofre grave infeção no pé por usar saltos altos
Kate Miller-Heidke
Kate Miller-Heidke
A concorrente australiana da Eurovisão de 2019, que acontecerá em Telavive, apanhou um susto depois de ter usado saltos altos para gravar a apresentação da Austrália para a Eurovisão devido a uns "estúpidos stilettos", conforme revelou.

Kate Miller-Heidke, 37 anos de idade, usou as redes sociais para partilhar com os seguidores o momento em que correu o risco de perder o pé ou até mesmo morrer.

A artista afirmou que voltou da Europa com uma infeção grave que "poderia terminar em amputação ou até mesmo morte. E tudo por causa de uma bolha".

Após ter passado uma semana hospitalizada, a concorrente encontra-se, de momento, bem de saúde e garante não ter passado tudo de um grande susto.

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DON’T PANIC! This was a few weeks ago. I came back from Europe with a very serious infection which can end in amputation or even death. All from a blister. Anyone who has worn them knows high heels can can kill - but I never took it literally. I was stuck in this bed for the best part of a week. When I realised how serious it was I was pretty panicked and frankly, upset. The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity. Every day was chockas with some kind of preparation. I was sprinting towards May, getting my ‘pop Olympics’ brain on, and utterly unprepared to have all my plans derailed by such unexpectedly shitty luck. The first couple of days in hospital passed in a blur of needles, pain killers, and Netflix and tears (not a euphemism). But then this strange sense of calm settled over me. I gave up trying to control everything. I had no choice. I just pressed ‘pause’. If this were a movie, cue character-development montage over ?Ball Park Music?’s "Surrender". Keir and Ernie came to visit me every day. Keir was on single parent duties. Again. I caught the look of envy on his face when they arrived to see me snuggled up watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race, in the middle of the day, in bed, shamelessly. This soon gave way to his usual legendary amount of empathy (he told me to write that). I’m mobile again now. In sneakers. The doctor ordered me to go to a ‘funky’ orthopaedic shoe store. You better believe I was pretty skeptical about that. Actually that’s a post for another day. But the sense of calm has persisted. Occasionally I’ll be visited by that familiar needy voice whispering ‘Why not have a quick look at the YouTube comments under your song?’ Now my new friend, the calm one, steps in and says ‘Uh, no Kate. Just, don’t.’ I’ve been reading ‘Radical Acceptance’ by Tara Brach and she makes a very compelling case for being forced to press pause. And sometimes the only thing that will make you do it is a minor disaster.  In heels. PS The diagnosis was cellulitis from an infected blister. It’s the same disease Hilary Swank got while training for Million-Dollar baby so it’s definitely the most glamorous foot infection going around. #eurovision

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Kate faz ainda referência ao momento em que a atriz Hilary Swank passou pelo mesmo problema, durante as gravações de 'Million Dolar Baby'.

Recorde-se que o concorrente a representar Portugal, no Festival da Eurovisão, é Conan Osíris.


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